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A space to celebrate the diverse art & culture of Chicago [email protected], inspiring dialogue and positive change

contratiempo and Gozamos came together to form Cultura in Pilsen in 2014, a year after moving in with local organization Calles y Sueños, which had operated out of a space in Pilsen since 1994. Cultura in Pilsen was formed so that these two organizations could share a space, boost their activities and bring even more vitality to bilingual Latin@ cultural activities of the city.

As the Chicago Latin@ cultural scene continues to grow in size and quality, Cultura in Pilsen is uniquely equipped to be at its forefront due to the activities of its two parent organzations, as well as those of its diverse organizations in residence.  These organizations work together to make Cultura in Pilsen a cultural landmark in Chicago by celebrating the neighborhood’s continuing legacy of Latin@ art, providing space for dialogue and activism and fostering more inter-community connections.

Cultura in Pilsen brings art exhibitions, concerts, readings, performances, forums, workshops, courses and more to the heart of Pilsen.

About  contratiempo

Contratiempo NFP started as a monthly Spanish-language magazine conceived in April 2003 by a group of Latino writers living in Chicago, and it is now a 501(c)3 tax exempt literary and publishing center whose mission is to preserve and highlight the cultural identity and contributions of the Spanish-speaking Latino population of the United States.

Contratiempo fulfills its mission by publishing revista contratiempo, conducting creative writing workshops, promoting Spanish-language literature written in Chicago through its Ediciones Vocesueltas imprint, and working collaboratively with other educational, literary and cultural organizations to present events relative to this mission.

About gozamos

Gozamos is a Chicago-based independent online magazine and community for culturally savvy [email protected] and their friends. Since its launch in March 2010, Gozamos has grown into a  new media platform that inspires, educates and entertains readers across the United States. We write what we are passionate about and bring thoughtful, creative approaches to Latin@ cultural coverage with original content created by a talented collective of writers, community leaders, photographers, creatives and media-makers.

At its core, Gozamos strives to be a platform for those voices and realities often ignored or misrepresented by mainstream media.

The Cultura in Pilsen management group

Luz Chávez is a founding member of Gozamos, an online arts and activism magazine for Latin@ millennials launched in 2010. With strong female and queer representation in its leadership, Gozamos is one of the few Latin@ magazines dedicated to fighting the -isms [email protected] face in and out of our communities. Gozamos is based at Cultura in Pilsen, an art gallery and community space, that Luz co-manages. She also co-founded two of Gozamos’s community initiatives, Chicago Latino Writers Initiative and Latin@ Techies. By day, Luz continues her 15-year career in educational publishing.

Ilene Palacios is a leader for Gozamos, a non-profit, volunteer-run online magazine and collective, previously mentioned. For Gozamos, Ilene contributes editing, management, social media engagement, art- and activism-minded articles and event organizing. She also co-manages its home base, the community and arts space called Cultura in Pilsen. Additionally, Ilene is an organizer for Vives Q, an annual series by and for members of the queer Latinx community, which features performances, art, music and intergenerational dialogue via interviews with community leaders and activists.

Moira Pujols is the executive director of contratiempo, which publishes and presents first-rate literary and cultural journalism work in Spanish by pan-Latino immigrant communities. Moira builds partnerships and creates and manages a broad range of contratiempo programs, including the publishing of its flagship contratiempo magazine. She co-founded and developed Poesia en Abril, the only international Spanish language poetry festival in the Midwest. As a long-established language consultant, Moira has worked with many national and international non-profit, commercial and government clients and was the founding president of the Midwest Translators and Interpreters Association.

Jennifer Smith is Executive Director of Cuentos Foundation, a 501c3 that creates and facilitates cross-cultural interdisciplinary art programs giving voice to the stories (cuentos) of our diverse communities. Cuentos Foundation believes that art is a transformative catalyst for effecting positive social change. Jennifer also works closely with a collective of indigenous artists in Oaxaca, Mexico, known as Puech Ikots, to support and promote their work in the United States. In addition, Jennifer is part of the management group at the Cultura in Pilsen art gallery and community space.


CUENTOS Foundation is our fiscal sponsor
The CUENTOS Foundation creates and facilitates cross-cultural interdisciplinary art programs giving voice to the stories (cuentos) of our diverse communities. These local, national, and trans-national collaborative programs utilize artistic strategies for reflecting upon, expressing, documenting, and sharing transforming cultural heritage and tradition. Cuentos opens doorways to global understanding, participation, and building relationships. Art is Memory .  Art Builds Bridges .  Art is Meaning .  Art Makes Sense.