Our Organizations

Though Cultura in Pilsen exists as an distinct entity with its own programming, it also manages much of the needs related to gathering and meeting space for its two parent organizations and organizations-in-residence, which all operate independently. Read more about each of them, below.

Parent Organizations — Contratiempo and Gozamos


Contratiempo NFP started as a monthly Spanish-language magazine conceived in April 2003 by a group of Latino writers living in Chicago, and is now a 501(c)3 status literary and publishing center whose mission is to preserve and highlight the cultural identity and contributions of the Spanish-speaking Latino population of the United States. Contratiempo fulfills its mission by publishing revista contratiempo, conducting creative writing workshops, promoting Spanish-language literature written in Chicago through its Ediciones Vocesueltas imprint, and working collaboratively with other educational, literary and cultural organizations to present events relative to this mission.


Gozamos is a Chicago-based independent online magazine and community for culturally savvy [email protected] and their friends. Since its launch in March 2010, Gozamos has grown into a  new media platform that inspires, educates and entertains readers across the United States. We write what we are passionate about and bring thoughtful, creative approaches to [email protected] cultural coverage with original content created by a talented collective of writers, community leaders, photographers, creatives and media-makers. At its core, Gozamos strives to be a platform for those voices and realities often ignored or misrepresented by mainstream media.

Organizations-in-Residence — CCWR, OCAD and Gozamos community initiatives

Over the last few years, Cultura in Pilsen has come to share space with several organizations in residence whose own work, programming and visions align with that of Cultura in Pilsen, as well as expand its scope into direct action, art-making, advocacy and activism. Click on each organization’s logo to learn more about it.


Chicago Community and Workers’ Rights (CCWR) is an organization led by workers for workers, regardless of immigration status, dedicated to educating, building leadership and gathering resources in order to develop organizing tools and collective strategies of resistance against labor rights abuses, towards just living conditions for our families.

Organized Communities Against Deportations (OCAD) is a community-based organization in Illinois that organizes against unfair and inhumane immigration enforcement practices that impact immigrant communities. We fight case by case, person by person, at the same time that we work to change the implementation and enforcement practices that criminalize our community. We are an organization that is based in Chicago, and an integral part of the Not One More anti-deportation campaign.

gozamos Community Initiatives:

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[email protected] Techies
is the first tech network in Chicago for [email protected] millennials. Our mission is to transform our community to see tech in a new way—not just as consumers, but as creators of technology. Only 7% of the STEM workforce is [email protected], despite [email protected]’ affinity for consuming technology. We seek to empower [email protected] in the latest tech tools to grow personally and professionally and leverage these skills to empower our communities and inspire the next generation of [email protected] techies.

The Chicago Latino Writers Initiative is a collaboration of Proyecto Latina and Gozamos that works to cultivate and support [email protected] writers in the Chicagoland area.

Fiscal Sponsor — Cuentos Foundation


The CUENTOS Foundation creates and facilitates cross-cultural interdisciplinary art programs giving voice to the stories (cuentos) of our diverse communities. These local, national, and trans-national collaborative programs utilize artistic strategies for reflecting upon, expressing, documenting, and sharing transforming cultural heritage and tradition. Cuentos opens doorways to global understanding, participation, and building relationships.